Matthew Nance

Matthew Nance was born in Washington, DC, in 1964.  The youngest of seven, he displayed an advanced artistic sense, in his infancy, with legos, crayons and paper.  At eighth grade graduation, he received the Art Award, for eight years of artistic growth, this inspired him to stay interested in art, throughout his forty year career in commercial printing. The technical skills of pre-press production, working with chemical processing, on a variety of substrates, is the foundation of his technique. "My creations, are like science experiments, that, can not be duplicated."

He created art, on a volunteer basis, for his church, with event signs, visual aids, etc. 

His collection consists of the last three years of artistic development, most, are on stretched Canvas, but, his early works, are on Felt paper and Cover stock. "I believe in what I`m doing, because, I have yet to see anyone, utilizing the liquid acrylic medium, in this way, so, I want to be the one, to introduce this process, to the world!" I have an unlimited amount of Ideas, that I can`t wait to explore! 

My paintings go with any décor, and look Fabulous, on the wall!, like a window to paradise!